China Gold Congress and Expo 2024

Date: July 26-28, 2024
Venue:National Convention Center (Shanghai)

Over the past few years, China's gold industry has deepened supply-side reforms, opened up to the world, and improved its gold exploration, mining, mineral processing, consumption, investment, and transactions. These efforts have formed a coordinated, efficient, green, and healthy golden industrial system with downstream and upstream partners. China has been the world's top gold producer for 17 years and the top gold consumer for 11 years. The country's gold market has rapidly grown and become a significant player in the global gold market.

To create an international platform for cooperation and mutual benefit among global gold industries and improve the influence and competitiveness of China's gold industry, China Gold Association and the World Gold Association organized the China Gold Congress and Expo in 2014, 2016, and 2018, respectively. These events have formed the largest industrial gathering in China and received a positive response from society.

To further promote the healthy and sustainable development of the gold industry, China Gold Association and the World Gold Council are hosting the "China Gold Congress and Expo 2024" in Shanghai from July 26 to 28, 2024.

Themed “Innovation-Driven, Green Development, and Shared Future”, the event will focus on three sectors: gold mining, gold market, and gold consumption, and discuss issues such as green mine construction, resource utilization, safety production, intelligent applications, and gold ESG. The "dual carbon" strategy, new gold product research and development, and consumption upgrades will also be discussed. The aim is to build a green and healthy development path for the global gold industry and gold market.

The exhibition will be comprehensive, professional, and themed. It will showcase the world's major gold production companies, geological and smelting processors, technology and equipment service providers, gold investment institutions, futures traders, funds, securities dealers, trusts, and other related organizations. The exhibition aims to build a display platform for gold companies and an exhibition and trading platform for gold products and technical equipment.

The conference will invite representatives from the world's major gold-producing countries, domestic regulatory agencies and industry associations, major gold production companies, major gold trading markets and commercial banks, gold geology, smelting, refining and processors, technology and equipment service providers, gold investment institutions, commodity and futures exchanges, futures brokers, well-known gold and jewelry companies, funds, securities, trusts, and other related industry organizations to build a world-class gold industry full industry chain service platform.
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